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Airsoft Holster

Tactical Holster

Amomax holster is specially designed for safe and fast shooting. The ergonomic holster locks the gun securely when holstered, but still allows a natural and fast draw by slightly press the unlock button. Various carrying attachments are available for shooting training, competition and daily carrying.

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Magazine Pouch

Magazine Pouches & Holder

Amomax magazine pouches care your every need for the shooting. Universal magazine pouches are designed to hold magazines from the most popular pistols. Molded double magazine pouches deliver the fast experience for you. Universal shotshell holder can be adjustable to fit user tension preference.

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Shooters are free to choose holster carrying attachments such as paddle, belt clip, MOLLE, low ride duty drop and leg platform for different shooting situations. These attachments are compatible with all Amomax holsters and magazine pouches.

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Amomax tactical system focus on gears for shooting sports and tactical market, it aims to offer superior, safe and affordable tactical gear.

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They are very nice looking holsters and the quality looks nice, some people like retention button for safety and retention

Mr.Kevin, distributor, USA

Referring your question about our last order, we can say that your products are excellent. Also, we are more than satisfied with the cooperation that we have with you so far. Very professional!

Mr.Zoran, distributor, Montenegro

After receiving our first order we want to tahnk you for your goods packaging and we are very happy as first impression about the goods

Mr.Ali, distributor, Lebanon

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